Total No of Unions                                                                         : 15  
Total No of Camp Offices                                                             : 163
Total No of Chilling Centres                                                        : 78
Total No of BMC                                                                          : 1206
Total No of Societies                                                                    : 16848
Total No of Beneficiaries                                                             : 1936756  
Total Subsidy Paid During This Year                                         :
Total Milk Collected in Crore Litres                                          :
NOTE :- The Milk Unions / Camp Offices / MPCS officials are Requested to Login Using their Respective User-Id and Passwords and Please Click on Payment button and Under that Select View Failed Data Option and Further Select the Options in Drop Down Menus and Click on Submit Buttion. The Following Corrections You Have to Do :-

1. Failed and Partially Failed Data Corrections – Select Beneficiary Data Button in the Menu Under that Edit Failed Beneficiary Aadhaar Details.
2. Bank not Seeded and Bank Account Inactive – Inform Milk Pourer to Link their Aadhaar Number to their Account Number by Contacting the Bank.
3. Failed Caste Data (Others / SC / ST) - Select Beneficiary Data Button in the Menu Under that Edit Caste or Category Data.
4. Look at View Milk Pourer's Complete Status in Payment Menu.

Monthly Milk Collection Data Entry is now only available for the Beneficiaries having FruitID